Another new model: the GS 4655 E-Drive slab scissor lift

We’ve again expanded our rental fleet. We’ve recently added 3 Genie slab scissor lifts. What are these exactly and what makes them so special?

Electric machines from the Genie workshop

Recently we have been striving to expand our range to include electric machines, which are more environmentally friendly. We have therefore added several different models, including 3 GS 4655 E-Drive slab scissor lifts.

These machines are manufactured by Genie, which is renowned for its exceptionally good design and ease of operation.

They can reach heights of up to 15.95 metres

The Genie GS 4655 E-Drive is an outstanding scissor lift, which is ideal for work in places that enable the machine to move vertically upwards. It has a maximum working height of 15.95 metres and a load capacity of 350 kg.

This machine is also powered by an E-Drive electric motor, making it up to four times more efficient than other machines. This lift is also exceptionally quiet and produces zero emissions, making it more environmentally friendly. The machine also comes with other quality components, ensuring up to 20 % lower battery costs for its entire lifetime.

You can now rent the Genie GS 4655 E-Drive scissor lift. Just fill in the simple query form and it can be at your site soon.

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