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Our fleet includes more than 1,800 different machines and regardless of how difficult it is to reach wherever you need to work, we’ll find the right machine for your job.


Scissor lifts

Max. height: 27 m
Scissor lifts can be used for a wide variety of tasks. Generally, these machines are suitable in situations where the platform is able to move...

Articulated boom lifts

Max. height: 43.15 m
Articulated boom lifts can be used wherever you need to achieve a greater horizontal reach . They are therefore used, for example, in places...
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Aerial Work Platforms

Max. height: 14.29 m
Aerial work platforms are a great alternative to classic scaffolding, ladders and certain types of lift . They are easy to control and ensure...

Telescopic boom lifts

Max. height: 56.86 m
Telescopic boom lifts are designed for situations when you need to work at a really great height and where a certain horizontal reach is...

Trailer-mounted platforms

Max. height: 29 m
This type of machine can be used for exterior or interior work. Trailer-mounted platforms are used in construction, for example, to carry out...

Crawler-mounted platforms

Max. height: 31 m
Crawler-mounted platforms feature a special tracked chassis , which enables it to easily move through the terrain. This also means that the...


Max. lifting height: 25.9 m
Telehandlers are extremely useful machines, which are a crucial part of a wide variety of operations. They are an excellent substitute for...

Rough Terrain Forklift Trucks

Max. lifting height: 5.5 m
Rough terrain forklift trucks make it easier to work in the field and in areas with an unpaved surface . They are an alternative to classic...

Forklift trucks

Max. lifting height: 8.42 m
Forklift trucks (forklifts) are designed to make work easier in a wide variety of fields . People often refer to them as lizards, and they are...
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Material lifts

Max. lifting height: 7.42 m
Do you need to handle heavy loads quickly and efficiently? If so, material lifts are just the thing for you. These are basically manually...

Truck-mounted platforms

Max. height: 29 m
Truck-mounted platforms can be used for a wide variety of activities. As they are installed on a vehicle of up to 3.5 tonnes, they can be...

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More than 15 years’ experience

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Quick delivery

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Our machines undergo regular inspections

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The average age of our machines is 4.5 years

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Professional training in the operation of aerial platforms

Our fleet includes more than 1,800 different machines, with each type suited to a different type of work and terrain.


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