Another piece of motoring news: Ruthmann TB 290 pro

We’ve again expanded our rental fleet. We’ve recently added the new Ruthmann TB 290 pro truck-mounted aerial platform. Are you interested to know exactly what it offers?

Maximum working height of 29 metres

The TB 290 is the top of the TB range for almost 2.5 years now. We are now replacing this popular series with the Hi-light Performance range. STEIGER® TB 290 pro - with a sophisticated design and technical innovations designed and developed using state-of-the-art production technologies and steel production calculation methods from RUTHMANN - offers customers top-class performance and maximum stability.

The working height has been increased by half a metre, while the reach has been increased by as much as 1.2 metres to the back and 1.3 metres to the side. The popular 3.5t model, which has a good working height of 29 metres, is ideal for a wide range of tasks. It can be used, for instance, in gardening, landscaping, cleaning building façades, construction and installation. The TB 290 pro is still the perfect choice in the 30 m category.

Precision craftsmanship

Ruthmann is a quality manufacturer of truck-mounted aerial platforms, as can be seen in the design of this particular model. After all, it has used high-strength fine-grained steel, which ensures maximum stability. It also offers top-class performance and an innovative bottom structure, which is now more torsion resistant.

The machine is also instantly eye-catching with its compact design. It has a relatively short overall length and low construction height, ensuring excellent manoeuvrability.

Interested? Rent it out!

We have this lift available in stock and you can rent it out. We also offer truck-mounted aerial platforms with an operator provided. Simply send us a non-binding query and we’ll agree on all the details together.

Request a truck-mounted aerial platform

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