Hire our new GS 1330m E-Drive. We have a total of 5 models available

So far, the new year has been all about gradually expanding our hire fleet. Recently, for instance, we’ve received 5 GS 1330m E-Drive electric scissor lifts. What exactly makes this model so special?

Quality from Genie

The GS 1330m E-Drive scissor lift comes from the Genie workshop, which is synonymous with exceptional quality and precision craftsmanship. This means you can be sure it runs flawlessly and is easy to control.

Modern E-Drive motor

The lift is equipped with the latest AC drive system, which can be four times as efficient.

As this is an electric machine, it produces no emissions and is environmentally friendly.

The built-in E-Drive motor and other quality components reduce battery costs by up to 20 % for the entire lifetime of the machine. The lift has been designed to cope with difficult construction site environments.

When can scissor lifts be used?

Scissor lifts are generally suited to places where the machine is able to move vertically upwards. The GS 1330m E-Drive boasts a load capacity of 227 kg and can reach a working height of 5.9 metres. The lift is charged using the built-in charger, and can work for roughly 8-10 hours on a full charge.

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