Measures implemented by STATECH s.r.o. - Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear customers,

In connection with coronavirus-related measures we would like to inform you that our services are still available; even so, we ask you to show patience and forbearance during this crisis.

Given the various recommendations aimed at preventing the further spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), STATECH s.r.o. is minimising physical contact with third parties.

We are doing so for the sake of the health of our customers, our employees and their families.

Our sales representatives are still available by telephone and e-mail, to enable us to guarantee our services as well as possible.

The technicians and drivers who service or deliver machines for you have been asked to comply with strict hygiene standards and maintain an adequate distance during contact.

Don't hesitate to contact us; we will do out best to ensure mutual satisfaction.

However, we cannot rule out possible delays in the coming days/weeks. Thank you for your understanding and trust.

Take care and show consideration for one another

Your mateco-STATECH team

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