TVH strengthens its position

Industrial Access was established 10 years ago and operates in Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova. Although it specialises in platform rentals, it also rents earth-moving equipment and compacting machines, electric compressors and smaller tools. In addition to this, it rents out the small equipment of local business in many places in Romania.

TVH is thus continuing in its development strategy. This is a follow-up to its purchase of companies such as Mateco and Gunco, and also Romlift.

Pascal Vanhalst, director general and member of the TVH executive board said: "We are delighted that our purchase of Industrial Access has strengthened our specialised business, boosted our visibility and already high standard, and we will potentially be expanding our rental range.

"We are convinced that this transaction and the subsequent merger with our existing business will further improve our services and will provide even greater benefit to our customers."

TVH Group is renowned for its global components for industrial machinery, particularly for forklifts. In recent years it has also expanded onto the rental goods market.

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