Film shoot in Dolní Beřkovice

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Filmmakers are generally frequent clients of ours. After all, an aerial platform can be used to install lighting just where it’s needed. Or a platform can serve to give the cameraman the best possible shot from a good height.

In this case they were shooting a German film. The crew headed out to a farm in Dolní Beřkovice, which, incidentally, is where our head office is based, at STATECH Dolní Beřkovice. One of our articulated boom lifts was used on the site.

The lighting was installed on the platform of this machine, enabling a night-time scene to be shot at the farm. The machine enabled the set to be light from high up, resulting in professional and impressive footage.

Articulated boom lifts are generally excellent not only for the fact that they can take you up to the height you need to reach. The individual machines also have a decent horizontal reach. Another advantage is that they can move while extended to the maximum possible height, which was very important for these filmmakers.

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