Film shoot in Kladno

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Our aerial platforms are often used in the film industry. Filmmakers use them to either install lighting or to shoot from the right angle at a decent height. And this was the case in Kladno, where our machines were involved in shooting a few film.

This was the foreign spy drama Totems, which is set in the 1960s. Kladno was ideal for the filmmakers, as its architecture is unique, with a number of distinctive towers that were supposed to be reminiscent of Moscow.

And aerial platforms were the perfect means of getting the filmmakers up to those towers. In fact, four of our machines were involved in this shoot. They were two Genie Z 80 articulated boom lifts, a Genie S-85 Boom Telescopic and a Genie ZX 135 articulated boom lift.

After the end of the shoot the aerial platforms couldn’t remain on site, and so our skilled colleagues transported them on their own axis to a football pitch roughly 1 km away. This went smoothly, with the assistance of the local municipal police. As you can see, we can handle anything.

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