Disassembly of football floodlights in Hradec Králové

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The city of Hradec Králové used our aerial platforms to disassemble the football floodlights in the local stadium. The aim is to prepare the site for a brand new multi-purpose football stadium, which is scheduled to be completed in April 2023.

This new stadium should have a capacity of 8 000 spectators, which can be increased to 9 300 seats if necessary.

Certain equipment needed to be disassembled before the construction work could start. This included the concrete stands, advertising billboards, public lighting, the timepiece and the huge floodlights. And our aerial platforms helped out in taking these down. Anchors were installed on all the masts and two different cranes were used for the actual disassembly work. The plan is to use the same floodlights in the new stadium, but they first need to be repaired and overhauled. This will probably take several months.

The disassembly of the football floodlights was a great challenge for us and we’re very happy to have been involved in this job.

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