Repair of a pipe on a bridge over the River Morava

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Our platform rental centre in Olomouc was used to repair a pipe on a bridge over the River Morava, which runs through the city. This time, the workers didn't need to get high up, but deep down – below the actual bridge. And it was a success.

This task was handled by one of our Genie Boom Telescopic , specifically the S 105. This aerial platform can reach a maximum working height of 34 metres. What was important for this task, however, was its ability to get below ground level, to enable the workers to easily and safely reach the pipe running under the bridge.

On this job, they appreciated the fact that the machine is capable of reaching 3.05 metres below ground level, which was perfectly sufficient in this case. This machine is driven by a powerful diesel motor. The entire job went smoothly and the rented platform made it a quick and easy task.

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