Installation of bird netting at Prague Main Station

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It was necessary to prevent birds from landing on the roof of Prague Main Station. This required the installation of special bird netting, aimed at preventing these unwanted guests. And it was a success.

As the netting was installed on the roof of the building and platforms, a safe way of reaching the necessary height was needed. With this in mind, the workers contacted our aerial platform rental centre in Prague. Together we selected the most suitable machine for the task.

It was a track-mounted platform, which has a special tracked chassis. This chassis distributes the total weight of the machine perfectly, and so it is often used in places where there is the risk of the floor being damaged. Besides exterior work, track-mounted platforms can also be used in interiors (such as in production halls or shopping centres).

So, the track-mounted platform enabled the workers to reach the height they needed and comfortably and safely install all the bird netting. If you’re dealing with a similar problem at your building, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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