Reconstruction of the Futurum Shopping Centre in Brno

Interested in renting an aerial platform in Brno? Contact our branch there.

The Futurum Shopping Centre in Brnorecently underwent a fairly extensive transformation and major refurbishment. One of the tasks in this project was to extend the advertisements, which are situated high up.

To enable the workers tomanage this task quickly and safely, they used one of our aerial platforms. This was a Genie aerial platform. The Genie ZX 135/70 can reach a maximum working height of 43.15 metres, which was perfectly adequate for the shopping centre’s needs.

Another advantage of articulated lifts is that they offer a certain horizontal reach. With this particular model the horizontal reach is up to 18.03 metres in the raised position. This enables the machine to placed further away from the building, depending on the particular layout of the area.

With this project everything went smoothly and without a hitch. This meant that the advertisement mounts could be safely extended and the shopping centre was one step closer to completion.

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