Repair of the roof of Hněvín castle

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Sometimes we get the opportunity to work on some truly fairy-tale projects. And this case is proof of that. Our aerial platforms helped out in the repair of the roof of the historical Hněvín castle. The entire task went completely without a hitch.

Hněvín castle needed assistance in the repair of the roof. For the people working on it to get to the required height, one of the aerial platforms from our rental fleet was used.

The machine that worked on the site was the track-mounted Teupen Leo 23 GT. This machine moves on a tracked chassis, meaning that it does not damage the base of the roof, which can be prone to cracking.

This aerial platform is also able to reach a maximum working height of 14.7 metres, which was enough to reach the castle roof. Another interesting feature of this track-mounted platform is its horizontal reach, which is up to 7.6 metres. This meant that the machine could be placed further away from the castle, given the courtyard layout, and yet still reach exactly where it was needed.

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