New machine in our fleet: the Holland Lift HL-190 E12 scissor lift work platform

We strive to constantly expand our fleet by adding new aerial platforms, to ensure that you have a wide range of options to choose from. This week we have received a delivery of two Holland Lift HL-190 E12 scissor lift work platforms. What can you look forward to with these machines?

An electric scissor lift platform with a great reach

We’ve also added two Holland Lift HL-190 E12 electric scissor lift platforms. This is an outstanding machine with a reach of up to 18.8 metres. Its design makes it ideal for interior work, where you’ll appreciate it most when installing technology, or performing maintenance or various installation work.

Ideal for narrow spaces

This scissor lift platform is very compact. It is just 1.2 metres wide and 3.74 metres long. This makes it ideal for narrow spaces, such as between racks.

Its excellent lift capability enables you to work at a height of up to 18.8 metres. Its working basket load capacity is 500 kg, meaning it can hold 2 people and a cargo of up to 340 kg.

Its rapid lifting and lowering speed (75 and 52 seconds) saves the operator handling time and increases the machine's productivity. The robust design ensures safe work at great heights and the protective cover on the scissor mechanism protects workers against injury. 

You can also rent this scissor lift

Are you planning work at heights and this scissor lift would come in handy? Send us a non-binding query and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.

Request a scissor lift

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