Scissor lifts

Scissor lifts can be used for a wide variety of tasks. Generally, these machines are suitable in situations where the platform is able to move vertically upwards

You can generally count on the plaftform having a high load capacity. On most scissor lifts the platform can be extended. This increases its load capacity even further, which is ideal if more workers are involved in the task at hand. Depending on the environment they are used in, these machines can be divided up into electric, diesel and hybrid.

Scissor lifts Diesel

TypeManufacturerMax. working heightMax. load capacity
GS 3369 RT Genie 11.75 m 454 kgPDFRequest
GS 3384 RT Genie 11.94 m 1130 kgPDFRequest
GS 3390 RT Genie 12.06 m 1134 kgPDFRequest
GS 4069 RT Genie 14.12 m 363 kgPDFRequest
GS 4390 RT Genie 15.11 m 680 kgPDFRequest
ZS 1623RT Zoomlion 18.00 m 680 kgPDFRequest
GS 5390 RT Genie 18.15 m 680 kgPDFRequest
B-195DL25 Holland Lift 21.50 m 500 kgPDFRequest
HL-220 D25 4WD Holland Lift 21.70 m 750 kgPDFRequest
M-250DL25 Holland Lift 27.00 m 1000 kgPDFRequest

Scissor lifts Electric

TypeManufacturerMax. working heightMax. load capacity
*GS 1330m E-Drive Genie 5.90 m 227 kgPDFRequest
GS-1432m E-Drive Genie 6.30 m 227 kgPDFRequest
GS 1532 Genie 6.60 m 272 kgPDFRequest
GS 1932 Genie 7.80 m 227 kgPDFRequest
GS 2032 Genie 8.10 m 363 kgPDFRequest
GS 2046 Genie 8.10 m 544 kgPDFRequest
GS 2646 Genie 9.80 m 454 kgPDFRequest
GS 2632 Genie 9.93 m 227 kgPDFRequest
GS 3232 Genie 11.75 m 227 kgPDFRequest
GS 3246 Genie 11.75 m 318 kgPDFRequest
GS 3369 DC Genie 11.75 m 454 kgPDFRequest
GS 4047 Genie 13.70 m 350 kgPDFRequest
IM 12090 IMER 14.00 m 220 kgPDFRequest
GS 4069 DC Genie 14.12 m 363 kgPDFRequest
GS 4069 DC OR Genie 14.12 m 363 kgPDFRequest
4069 LE JLG 14.20 m 360 kgPDFRequest
*GS 4655 E-Drive Genie 15.95 m 350 kgPDFRequest
HL-160 E12 Holland Lift 16.00 m 750 kgPDFRequest
S171-12 E PB Lifttechnik 17.10 m 400 kgPDFRequest
S171-16 E PB Lifttechnik 17.10 m 400 kgPDFRequest
Liftlux SL-153-12E JLG 17.30 m 500 kgPDFRequest
HL-190 E12 Holland Lift 18.80 m 500 kgPDFRequest
HL-220 E12 Holland Lift 21.70 m 500 kgPDFRequest
S225-12 ES PB Lifttechnik 22.50 m 450 kgPDFRequest

Electric scissor lifts

Electric scissor lifts use when working on solid supporting surfaces. Suitable surfaces include concrete, asphalt, and other paved surfaces and indoor environments in buildings with a slope of up to 3° (an audible alarm sounds when the maximum slope is exceeded). A built-in charger is used to charge these machines. A charge time of approximately 8 hours is needed for 8 to 10 hours of scissor lift work time.

Diesel scissor lifts

Diesel scissor lifts designed for work on solid and loose supporting surfaces. They come equipped with 4x4 drive and oscillating axles to handle rough terrain. They also are equipped with hydraulic support outriggers for high lifting height. They have the same maximum grade requirements of 3° as electric scissor lifts. An audible alarm sounds when this limit is exceeded. High power diesel engines provide easy operation in the roughest of conditions.

Hybrid scissor lifts

Hybrid scissor lifts combine the benefits of both of the above scissor lifts. You will appreciate them when breaking ground where they replace a diesel scissor lift working in rough terrain, and then later when you can use it to an alternative to a battery-powered lift without the noise and unwanted emissions. 

Scissor lift rentals

Interested in renting a scissor lift? Do not hesitate to choose from the options below. If you need to achieve a certain horizontal reach during work, other machines will be more suitable for you. In this case, you may want to consider articulated boom lifts, telescopic boom lifts or truck-mounted platforms.

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