We’ve added 2 new scissor lifts to our machine fleet. Find out more about them

We are constantly expanding our fleet of machines. This month we’ve added two new scissor lifts, which are now available for rental. What are they and what are their advantages?

2 Holland Lift scissor lifts

In February we added 2 scissor lifts to our fleet from the world-famous manufacturer Holland Lift. This is a pair of machines Holland Lift HL-190 E12.

The brand specialises in the development and production of high-quality scissor lifts. The technology used ensures maximum safety during operation. The machines are extremely stable, making even long-lasting work at heights a truly comfortable experience.

What makes these machines so special?

The Holland Lift HL-190 E12 scissor lift boasts a maximum load capacity of 500 kg. It can also reach a working height of up to 18.8 metres. What is interesting about this model is its width,1.2 metres, to its length, 3.74 metres.

What can scissor lifts be used for?

Scissor lifts are the ideal solution for specific work spaces, where the machine can move vertically upwards. Most of the scissor lifts we offer have a high load capacity on the platform, meaning more people can work on them at the same time.

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