MEWP operator training in accordance with the IPAF standard

International training, which awards you a licence and PAL card.

The international operator training in accordance with the IPAF standard is intended for those who needs to obtain the required licence and PAL card. The training applies to category 1a static vertical platforms, category 1b static boom platforms, category 3a mobile vertical platforms and category 3b mobile boom platforms. The training is designed in accordance with the ISO 18878 standard. It is carried out by a certified IPAF instructor and the training is not necessarily recognised in all EU Member States.

What you learn at the training

In this training you learn about the legal and other regulations and principles for the use of mobile elevating aerial platforms. You learn the principles of working safely with these platforms, and also the potential hazards involved in this work. You learn the safety rules and principles of controlling MEWP and the principles for selecting the right platform. 

In the practical part you learn about MEWP, their parts, how to handle them and the principles of correctly controlling them (including emergency controls). Your knowledge will be tested in a theoretical test, as well as a practical test under the supervision of the instructor. 

Parts of the training

The training consists of a theoretical part and a practical part. Each involves the following key points. 

Theoretical part

  • Checks before use and everyday maintenance before starting work.
  • The correct and safe way to operate a particular machine.
  • Correct emergency procedures, capacities and restrictions enabling safe operation.
  • Selection and use of equipment to prevent falls, covering at least:  
    • wearing a harness: how to put it on and fasten it correctly,
    • cord settings: adapting it for the machine and the operator,
    • connection to the MEWP : how to determine the anchor point and carabiner lock
    • and what documents need to be checked with the machine and the equipment used to prevent falls.

Practical part

  • Demonstration of an actual machine - checking and familiarising oneself with the MEWP.
  • Main components: identifying their function.
  • Checks and inspections before use. 
  • Starting and stopping the machine - correct procedures when switching it on and off.
  • Checking functions before use. 
  • Check before moving.
  • Route planning and manoeuvring.
  • Preparing the machine for work. 
  • Basic operational practices. 
  • Typical work applications.
  • Parking the machine. 
  • Practical examination, individual verbal questions. 

Further information about the training


The operator training according to the IPAF standard costs per person per day:

  • categories 3a, 3b                    6,720 CZK (excluding VAT)
  • categories 1a, 1b, 3a, 3b        8,820 CZK (excluding VAT)


How long the training lasts

The entire training takes approximately 8 hours - 4 hours of which are for the theoretical part and 4 hours for the practical part. 

Attendance conditions

The training is available for medically fit people aged 18 or over.


The training is valid for 5 years. 

What certificates you receive after completing the training

After passing the training you receive a certificate confirming you have completed the course, and a PAL card. 

How to complete the training

The training may only be done in person. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to register.



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