Training in the safe use of MEWP

Training for group A1, A2, A3, B1, B2 and B3 machines.

This training will teach you how to safely operate mobile elevating aerial platforms. The training applies to all machines in groups A1, A2, A3, B1, B2 and B3 and complies ČSN EN 280-1 and with Acts No 262/2006, 309/2006 and Decree No 19/1978 according to the CSN ISO 18878 standard.

What you learn at the training

In this training you learn about all the legal and other regulations and principles for the use of mobile elevating aerial platforms. You master the principles of working with them safely and learn about the potential hazards involved in operating them. You learn the individual safety rules, and the principles for choosing the right machines and controlling them. 

In the practical part you learn about specific mobile elevating aerial platforms and how to identify their individual parts. We also teach you how to handle and correctly control the platform, including emergency controls. The training also places emphasis on the correct use of personal protective equipment. 

Parts of the training

The training consists of a theoretical part and a practical part. Each involves the following key points. 

Theoretical part

  • Introduction, presentation and details of past experience with MEWP.
  • Theoretical test before the start of the theoretical part.
  • Information about MEWP documentation and the documents needed to operate them.
  • Assessment of the risks associated with MEWP operation, tasks and workplaces (CSN ISO 18893).
  • Selection of the right type of MEWP for the required activity and learning about its parameters.
  • Purpose, use and content of manuals from manufacturers, warnings and instructions, and suitable safety rules. Their importance and storing them in legible form.
  • Inspection before starting work (CSN ISO 18893) and functional text.
  • Factors affecting stability (CSN ISO 18893).
  • Hazards when using MEWP and how to avoid them (CSN ISO 18893).
  • General knowledge of the anticipated purpose and explanation of the functions of all MEWP controllers, including emergency controls. 
  • How to proceed in the event of a problem, malfunction, or situation affecting the safe operation and stability of a MEWP.
  • Use of personal protective equipment (PPE) suitable for the given task, workplace and environment. 
  • Safe drive of a MEWP.
  • Transportation of a MEWP (if necessary). 
  • Securing of a MEWP against unauthorised use.
  • Other technical equipment in the vicinity of the MEWP working area.
  • Space for discussion.
  • Written theoretical test.
  • Evaluation of test.

Practical part

  • Demonstration of a mobile elevating aerial platform and its individual parts.
  • Demonstration of how to control the platform and emergency controls.
  • Discussion and answers to questions about the theory and control of the machine. 
  • Practical test on the ability to use MEWP safely.
  • Evaluation of the practical part.
  • Final discussion.

Further information about the training


The training in the safe use of MEWP for one person costs:

  • when completing both the  theoretical and practical parts in person: 1800 CZK (excluding VAT)
  • when completing the theoretical part online and the practical part in person: 1700 CZK (excluding VAT)

How long the training lasts

  • Duration of theoretical part The training lasts a minimum of 3 - 4 hours, depending on the expertise and needs of the trainees. 
  • Duration of practical part It depends on the number of trainees, their expertise and ability to use MEWP safely.

Attendance conditions

The training is available for medically fit people aged 18 or over.


The validity period established by law is 2 years. In a risk analysis on the basis of the Labour Code the employer may issue an internal regulation setting a period shorter than that stipulated by law (usually 1 year). However, this is conditional upon the individual employees maintaining their knowledge and skills. 

What certificates you receive after completing the training

After passing the training you receive a certificate confirming your ability to safely operate MEWP with a personal pass as MEWP operator. This certificate may be substituted by an attendance sheet, listing those who have successfully completed the training. 

How to complete the training

You can conveniently complete the theoretical part of the training online and prove your knowledge in the final test. You can then book a date for the practical training in your profile. 



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