Why is it important to do training to operate mobile aerial work platforms

Whether you're an employer, an employee or self-employed, if you’re planning to operate a mobile aerial work platform, you can’t get by without the requisite training. Find out what training is required for this work and why.

What the law says about this training

The duty to provide one’s employees with the proper training is enshrined in law

Specifically, Act No. 262/2006 Coll. states that: “The employer is obliged to provide employees with training in the legal and other regulations ensuring work health and safety, which are complemented by their professional prerequisites and requirements for the performance of the tasks relating to the work they perform and relating to the risks with which the employee may come into contact at the workplace at which the work is performed, and systematically require and monitor the observance of such.“

Aerial work platforms = dedicated technical equipment

All mobile platforms with a lift exceeding 1.5 metres are classed as dedicated technical equipment. Dedicated technical equipment means pressure, lifting, electric and gas equipment. 

This is equipment that, if used incorrectly, may pose a serious risk to people’s lives, health and safety.

This technical equipment may only be worked on and operated independently by specially professionally qualified employees. This means the operation, installation, maintenance, inspection and repair of such equipment. 

A professionally qualified employee is an employee who has completed the requisite training or course. This also includes persons who market, distribute or commission these machines (lifting equipment inspection technicians). 

Training is also required for work at heights.

For your employee to be able to operate an aerial platform, they must also complete a training course for work at heights. This obligation, moreover, is defined by Government Regulation No. 362/2005 Coll., on detailed requirements regarding safety and protection of health at workplaces with a risk of falling from a height or into a depth. 

Employees are therefore obliged to provide their employees with adequate training in health and safety as applicable to work at heights and above free depths, particularly for work at heights exceeding 1.5 m, when:

  • employees cannot work from solid and safe working floors,
  • and work on moving aerial platforms or on ladders at a height exceeding 5 m. 

It is also necessary to train employees in the use of personal protective equipment.

Train with us

Whether you’re an individual or are looking for training for all your employees, we’ll do our best to accommodate you. What’s more, at our mateco academy you can complete the theoretical part of selected training courses online, from the comfort of your home. 

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