Training in work at heights and over open spaces

Training in Class 1 work at heights and over open spaces with a footrest while working on MEWP.

This training familiarises you with the rules of Class 1 work at heights - work at heights and over open spaces with a footrest and involving the operation of MEWP. The training is performed on the basis of Acts No 262/2006, 362/2005, 309/2006 and Government Regulation No 101/2005. 

What you learn at the training

During this training you learn the legal principles of work at heights. You master the principles of safe work at heights and will know how to avoid the many various hazards you may face in such situations. You will also be able to manage basic first aid and ways of freeing a person caught in a restraining system after a collision. 

The practical part of the training teaches you to use the individual items of personal protective equipment and how to dress correctly. You will also know where to secure yourself so as to remain reasonably safe in the event of a collision. 

Parts of the training

The training consists of a theoretical part and a practical part. Each involves the following key points. 

Theoretical part

  • Introduction, presentation and details of past experience with work at heights and over open spaces.
  • Specification of the individual types of work at heights and over open spaces. 
  • Explanation of the causes of falls. 
  • Legislation relating to work at heights and over open spaces.
  • Work procedure and rescue plan. 
  • Securing the work area.
  • Inspecting the work area before starting work. 
  • The fall factor and an explanation of it. 
  • Definition of important terms (anchoring, untying, etc.). 
  • Correct use of PPE. 
  • Checks and overhauls of PPE. 
  • Examples of unsafe use of PPE. 
  • Work on ladders and the specifics of such work. 
  • First aid in the event of an accident. 
  • Written theoretical test. 
  • Evaluation of test. 

Practical part

  • Demonstration of MEWP and answers to questions on how to control the machinery, demonstration of emergency controls.
  • Practical test on the ability to use MEWP safely. 
  • Evaluation of the practical part and of the individual trainees. 
  • Final discussion. 

Further information about the training


Training in Class 1 work at heights and over open spaces with a footrest while working on MEWP costs per one person:

  • when completing both the  theoretical and practical parts in person: 1400 CZK (excluding VAT)
  • when completing the theoretical part online and the practical part in person: 1300 CZK (excluding VAT)

How long the training lasts

  • Duration of theoretical part The training lasts approximately 2 - 3 hours. However, this always depends on the expertise and needs of the trainees. 
  • Duration of practical part It depends on the number of trainees, their expertise and ability to use MEWP safely.

Attendance conditions

The training is available to any medically fit person aged 18 or over. 


The validity usually set by the employer is 1 year. The validity period established by law is 2 years.

What certificates you receive after completing the training

As soon as you successfully complete the training, you receive a certificate confirming this fact. This certificate may be substituted by an attendance sheet, listing those who have successfully completed the training. 

How to complete the training

You can complete the theoretical part of the training through our e-learning system. After passing the test, you can then immediately register a date for the practical test.  



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