Aerial Work Platforms

Aerial work platforms are a great alternative to classic scaffolding, ladders and certain types of lift. They are easy to control and ensure that the individual workers remain safe.

Aerial Work Platforms Electric

TypeManufacturerMax. working heightMax. horizontal reachMax. load capacity
LEONARDO HD OUTDOOR Bravi 4.90 m 180 kgPDFRequest
GR 26 J Genie 9.85 m 2.65 m 200 kgPDFRequest
TOUCAN 12E + JLG 12.65 m 6.05 m 200 kgPDFRequest

Aerial Work Platforms Hybrid

TypeManufacturerMax. working heightMax. load capacity
AWP 20S AC Genie 8.12 m 159 kgPDFRequest
AWP 25S AC Genie 9.57 m 159 kgPDFRequest
AWP 30S AC Genie 11.00 m 159 kgPDFRequest
AWP 40S AC Genie 14.29 m 136 kgPDFRequest

Aerial work platform applications

These platforms are typically used in the construction industry. These machines are also tremendously popular with cleaning companies.

Their design makes them the ideal choice in various halls, warehouses, gyms, churches, auditoriums, and stages. They are ideal for tradespeople and are used in electrical installation, HVAC work, and in painting.

Many models feature quick set-up and adjustment and excellent manoeuvrability.

Our aerial work platforms

mateco offers Genie and JLG aerial work platforms rentals. You can choose between two basic categories. Either conventional aerial work platforms or aerial work platforms that offer a specific range of horizontal reach to meet your needs.

Working height depends on the specific machine and can reach up to 14.29 metres. The working basket load also varies between aerial work platforms and can reach up to 352 kg. This allows multiple persons to work on the machine at the same time.

The advantages of aerial work platforms include their compact dimensions. Select models can be easily loaded onto a trailer, or a smaller truck, and moved to wherever they are needed. Their dimensions also make them the perfect choice for working in confined spaces where larger equipment simply will not fit.

We offer electric aerial work platforms which are easy to charge thanks to built-in chargers.

Aerial work platform rentals

Looking to rent an aerial work platform but unsure what specific model to choose? Get in touch with us and we will help you choose the right machine that best meets your individual needs.

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