Truck-mounted platforms

Truck-mounted platforms can be used for a wide variety of activities. As they are installed on a vehicle of up to 3.5 tonnes, they can be driven by anyone with a group B driver’s licence. This is another reason why they are so popular for rental. Another major advantage of truck-mounted platforms is the fact that they boast excellent passability parameters and have a good reach range.

We also offer truck-mounted platforms with an operator!

Truck-mounted platforms Diesel

TypeManufacturerMax. working heightMax. horizontal reachMax. load capacity
STEIGER® TBR 250 Ruthmann 24.50 m 16.50 m 230 kgPDFRequest
*STEIGER® TBR 260 Ruthmann 26.00 m 17.00 m 250 kgPDFRequest
STEIGER® TB 290 Ruthmann 28.60 m 16.20 m 230 kgPDFRequest
*STEIGER® TB 290 pro Ruthmann 29.00 m 17.40 m 250 kgPDFRequest

Using truck-mounted boom lifts

These boom lifts have a wide range of applications in a broad set of activities. They are often found repairing street lights, installing Christmas decorations, repairing roofs, working on façades and even washing windows.

Our truck-mounted boom lifts

The truck-mounted boom lifts we offer are synonymous with quality, safety, and reliability. We offer models from the German brand Ruthmann. The working height varies from 24.5 to 29 metres from model to model. The working basket load also varies slightly and is either 230 or 250 kg. This allows multiple persons to work from a truck-mounted boom lift.

Truck-mounted boom lifts excel in terms of horizontal reach and the machine itself does not have to be positioned in the immediate vicinity. Our rental machines offer the most modern control technologies, which you will master in no time.

Truck-mounted boom lift rentals

If you rent a truck-mounted boom lift from us and you don't dare to drive it, don't despair. In addition to a rental, we’d be happy to operate the machine for you as well. Unsure what specific model we offer to choose? Contact us and we will recommend the right truck-mounted boom lift to meet your individual needs.

Didn’t find what you are looking for? Take a look at our articulated boom lifts and telescopic boom lifts which also offer excellent horizontal reach.

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