Articulated boom lifts

Articulated boom lifts can be used wherever you need to achieve a greater horizontal reach. They are therefore used, for example, in places where you need to overcome various terrain or height obstacles. Besides this they can be also be used in interior spaces, such as in areas which are densely packed with various technologies. 

Our range of articulated boom lifts can be split into two basic categories, electric and diesel.

Articulated boom lifts Diesel

TypeManufacturerMax. working heightMax. horizontal reachMax. load capacity
Z 45/25J RT Genie 15.86 m 7.52 m 227 kgPDFRequest
Z 45 XC Genie 15.86 m 7.55 m 454 kgPDFRequest
Z 51/30J RT Genie 17.59 m 9.37 m 227 kgPDFRequest
Z 62/40 Genie 20.87 m 12.42 m 227 kgPDFRequest
Z 80/60 Genie 25.77 m 18.29 m 227 kgPDFRequest
ZA24J Zoomlion 26.50 m 18.90 m 250 kgPDFRequest
ZX 135/70 Genie 43.15 m 21.26 m 272 kgPDFRequest

Articulated boom lifts Electric

TypeManufacturerMax. working heightMax. horizontal reachMax. load capacity
Z 30/20N RJ Genie 10.89 m 6.25 m 227 kgPDFRequest
Z 33/18 Genie 12.00 m 5.57  m 200 kgPDFRequest
Z 34/22N Genie 12.52 m 6.80 m 227 kgPDFRequest
Z 40/23N RJ Genie 14.32 m 6.91 m 227 kgPDFRequest
Z 45 DC Genie 15.91 m 6.94 m 300 kgPDFRequest
Z 45/25J DC Genie 15.94 m 7.65 m 227 kgPDFRequest
ZA14JE-LI Zoomlion 16.00 m 8.10 m 230 kgPDFRequest
ZA16JERT-Li Zoomlion 17.80 m 9.72 m 250 kgPDFRequest
Z 60/37 DC Genie 20.16 m 11.15 m 227 kgPDFRequest
Z 60/37 FE Genie 20.16 m 11.15 m 227 kgPDFRequest

Electric articulated boom lifts

Electric articulated boom lifts are perfect for spaces with a solid supporting surface. They handle indoor and outdoor work with ease. Around 8 hours is required for a full charge and they are capable of working approximately 8-10 hours when fully charged. The built-in charger makes charging convenient. A maximum grade of 3° must be followed during work.

Diesel articulated boom lifts

Diesel articulated boom lifts are suitable for work in areas with solid and loose supporting surfaces. The on-board diesel engine provides top performance without the need for charging. Just the same as the previous category, a maximum angle of 3° must be followed when working.

Articulate boom lift rentals

mateco offers rentals of Genie articulated boom lifts. The working height the machines are able to reach varies from model to model. The best articulated boom lifts can reach a working height of more than 43 metres. Load capacity is another critical detail, and is typically 227 kg. However, some models boast a higher basket capacity.

Looking for help on choosing the right machine to meet your needs? Get in touch with us and we’d be happy to recommend the ideal articulated boom lift for you. Need even greater horizontal reach? Take a look at one of our telescopic boom lifts.

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