Telescopic boom lifts

Telescopic boom lifts are designed for situations when you need to work at a really great height and where a certain horizontal reach is also a key factor. They can be used in construction, for example, where they help out in erecting high buildings, amongst other tasks. They are widely used in the film industry, as their design enables beautiful footage to be shot from a real height.

Telescopic boom lifts Diesel

TypeManufacturerMax. working heightMax. horizontal reachMax. load capacity
S 65 Genie 21.80 m 17.10 m 227 kgPDFRequest
S 65 XC Genie 21.81 m 16.51 m 454 kgPDFRequest
S 80-J Genie 26.51 m 16.69 m 300 kgPDFRequest
S 85 Genie 27.90 m 23.32 m 227 kgPDFRequest
S 85 XC Genie 27.91 m 22.71 m 454 kgPDFRequest
SX 105 XC Genie 34.00 m 23.48 m 454 kgPDFRequest
S 105 Genie 34.00 m 24.38 m 227 kgPDFRequest
S 125 Genie 40.00 m 24.38 m 227 kgPDFRequest
SX 125 XC Genie 40.10 m 24.38 m 454 kgPDFRequest
SX 150 Genie 48.33 m 24.38 m 340 kgPDFRequest
SX 180 Genie 56.86 m 24.38 m 340 kgPDFRequest

Our telescopic boom lifts

You can rent the telescopic boom lift of your choosing from us. Our rental fleet has several machines from Genie, a brand recognised worldwide and which guarantees quality, reliability, and cutting edge design. Specific machines offer horizontal reaches from 9.65 m to 24.38 m. The working height for our telescopic boom lifts is between 14.2 and 56.86 m.

We also have XC-coded telescopic boom lifts available. Models with this code offer working basket loads of up to 454 kg depending on horizontal reach. A minimum load capacity of 300 kg is guaranteed in these machines in the full range of boom motion.

When to use a telescopic boom lift

Telescopic boom lifts are a great choice when you need to reach greater distances from the base platform because the ground or other obstacles make it difficult to reach the work site. We offer models with a jib that provides even better access to hard-to-reach places and that allow you to reach over and under various obstacles. The telescopic boom lifts we offer combine high performance and excellent driving speed.

Telescopic boom lift rentals

Interested in renting a telescopic boom lift but unsure what model to choose? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will recommend a machine to meet your specific needs. 

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