Telehandlers are extremely useful machines, which are a crucial part of a wide variety of operations. They are an excellent substitute for commonly used handling equipment. They can be used in handling wood and other heavy objects, for example. They are also widely used in communal services and agricultural and construction activities. However, they are also ideal for large warehouses or transshipment yards, where heavy loads need to be handled. If you’re interested in renting a telehandler, you’re in the right place.

Telehandlers Diesel

TypeManufacturerMax. lifting heightMax. horizontal reachMax. load capacity
MT 625 H Manitou 5.85 m 3.40 m 2250 kgPDFRequest
TH 5.8P Magni 7.60 m 4.30 m 5000 kgPDFRequest
MT 932 Manitou 9.00 m 6.58 m 3200 kgPDFRequest
MT 932 EASY Manitou 9.00 m 6.58 m 3200 kgPDFRequest
MT 933 EASY Manitou 9.00 m 6.35 m 3300 kgPDFRequest
MT 1440 Manitou 13.53 m 9.46 m 4000 kgPDFRequest
MT 1840 Manitou 17.55 m 13.08 m 4000 kgPDFRequest
MT 1840 EASY Manitou 17.55 m 13.08 m 4000 kgPDFRequest
RTH 5.18 Magni 17.56 m 14.26 m 4999 kgPDFRequest
GTH 4018 R Genie 17.61 m 4000 kgPDFRequest
MRT 1840 EASY Manitou 17.90 m 15.10 m 4000 kgPDFRequest
RTH 5.21 Magni 20.50 m 17.4 m 4999 kgPDFRequest
RTH 6.21 MAGNI 20.80 m 17.4 m 6000 kgPDFRequest
MRT 2150 R Manitou 20.90 m 17.90 m 5000 kgPDFRequest
MRT 2260 Vision+ Manitou 21,80 m 18,20 m 6000 kgPDFRequest
RTH 6.22 Magni 22.00 m 18.5 m 6000 kgPDFRequest
MRT 2660 Vision+ Manitou 25.90 m 21.70 m 6000 kgPDFRequest

Advantages of telehandlers

Telehandlers have a special telescopic boom that allows a load to be moved forward and vertically at the same time. Large off-road tyres ensure these machines easily handle any uneven terrain, and the telehandler can easily reach hard-to-reach places. Operation is made all the easier by four-wheel drive and the powerful engine with which these machines are equipped.

Telehandlers can also be equipped with a broad range of accessories that make work in all kinds of operations that much simpler. This can be, for example, a crane hook, a lifting fork or a work basket.

Telehandler rentals

Our rental facility has the following telehandlers available rotating telehandlers and fixed boom telehandlers. Rotating telehandlers differ from their fixed boom cousins by allowing the cab and telescopic boom to rotate 360°. This provides greater variability in terms of reach.

We would be happy to rent you a Genie or Manitou telehandler rated for up to 5 tonnes. The models vary in terms of lifting height, which exceed 20 metres.

Get in touch with us if you are unsure of the right machine. We would be happy to help choose the right telehandler for the specific work you are looking to complete.

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