Material lifts

Do you need to handle heavy loads quickly and efficiently? If so, material lifts are just the thing for you. These are basically manually controlled lifts, that are used to handle bulky cargo and heavy loads. You can use them to easily raise, lower or move a load in many different ways.

Material lifts Manually powered

TypeManufacturerMax. lifting heightMax. load capacity
SLA 20 Genie 5.94 m 363 kgPDFRequest
SLA 25 Genie 7.42 m 295 kgPDFRequest

Applications for material lifts

Material lifts are characterised by robust design and reliable performance. Thanks to the simple controls, these machines find use in a broad range of industries. They are perfect for warehouses and manufacturing plants where it is necessary to manoeuvre with the most diverse types of heavy cargo. A load basket, boom, and various types of forks may be added to material lifts to improve load handling qualities.

Our material lifts

We offer SLA line material lifts from the globally-recognised Genie brand and which are capable of lifting materials up to 8 metres. These are rugged yet lightweight machines that can be easily adjusted without the need for tools. This makes material lifts easy to adapt to the work at hand and ready for work in a matter of minutes.

Material lift rentals

Our machines vary in terms of maximum load capacity, which can reach up to 363 kg. If you are unsure of the right material lift for you, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you choose a machine that you will be satisfied with.

If you need to carry heavier cargo and loads at work, you will probably be more interested in our telehandlers. These have load ratings of up to 5 tonnes and come in a compact, off-road design.

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