Trailer-mounted platforms

This type of machine can be used for exterior or interior work. Trailer-mounted platforms are used in construction, for example, to carry out a wide variety of repairs and finishing work at heights. Besides this, they are ideal for cutting trees, painting work, clearing snow from roofs, installing lightning conductors, and many other tasks. Trailer-mounted platforms can be towed by a wide range of vehicles, meaning no costly transport is needed. This makes them a cost-effective solution, which offers a range of benefits.

Trailer-mounted platforms Electric

TypeManufacturerMax. working heightMax. horizontal reachMax. load capacity
1250 E Ommelift 12.50 m 8.50  m 200 kgPDFRequest
1250 EB Ommelift 12.50 m 8.50  m 200 kgPDFRequest
1700 EX Ommelift 16.80 m 9.10 m 200 kgPDFRequest
1830 EXBP Ommelift 18.30 m 10.20 m 200 kgPDFRequest

Trailer-mounted platforms Hybrid

TypeManufacturerMax. working heightMax. horizontal reachMax. load capacity
1300 EB Ommelift 12.80 m 9.00 m 200 kgPDFRequest
1300 EBP Ommelift 12.80 m 9.00 m 200 kgPDFRequest
1830 EXP Ommelift 18.30 m 10.20 m 200 kgPDFRequest
2500 EBD Ommelift 25.10 m 12.60 m 200 kgPDFRequest
2900 EBD Ommelift 29.00 m 12.30 m 200 kgPDFRequest

Advantages of trailer-mounted boom lifts

A distinctive element of the trailer-mounted boom lifts are the outriggers with automatic machine positioning. These outriggers provide quick and effective stabilisation in all kinds of terrain and can quickly compensate for any height differences in the terrain.

Their advantages include flexibility and ease of transport. Trailer-mounted boom lifts are easy to connect and disconnect from a towing vehicle. They are then easy to manoeuvre on-site using their own on-board drive unit.

Trailer-mounted boom lifts also feature compact dimensions and are great for use in confined spaces. Thanks to great horizontal reach, you can cover a large area from a single location.

Our trailer-mounted boom lifts

We offer Ommelift and Teupen trailer-mounted boom lifts. The individual models vary by drive type, which include tethered (i.e. mains power), battery-powered, diesel or petrol engine (or various combinations of the above).

They also offer different maximum working heights from 12.5 to 29 metres. The maximum working basket load is typically 200 kg and multiple persons can work from a trailer-mounted boom lift. Depending on the specific model, different and large horizontal reaches can be achieved.

Trailer-mounted boom lift rentals

If you are unsure which trailer-mounted boom lift is right for you, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to recommend the right machine to best meet your needs.

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