Forklift trucks

Forklift trucks (forklifts) are designed to make work easier in a wide variety of fields. People often refer to them as lizards, and they are widely used in logistics companies and warehouses, as well as construction and forestry. Forklift trucks are relatively compact and are used to carry out otherwise complicated tasks involving the vertical handling of material. The designated training is required in order to operate a forklift truck.

Reach trucks offer excellent manoeuvrability

Forklift reach trucks are a type of rack stackers. They offer very good lifting height andthe high mast also gives them excellent manoeuvrability in narrow aisles of racks. Forklift reach trucks can be used, for example, for the distribution of daily consumer goods, in large storage centres including freezing zones, in industrial plants, horticulture, agriculture, in the beverage industry and/or during the assembly of individual racks.

Forklift trucks Diesel

TypeManufacturerMax. lifting heightMax. load capacity
02-8FDL25 Toyota 3.00 m 2500 kgPDFRequest
40-8FD50N Toyota 4.00 m 5000 kgPDFRequest
02-8FDF30 Toyota 4.30 m 3000 kgPDFRequest
62-7FD25 Toyota 4.30 m 2500 kgPDFRequest
52-8FDJF35 Toyota 4.70 m 3500 kgPDFRequest

Forklift trucks Electric

TypeManufacturerMax. lifting heightMax. load capacity
8FBMT25 Toyota 3.34 m 2500 kgPDFRequest
8FBMT35 Toyota 3.34 m 3300 kgPDFRequest
8FBMT30 Toyota 4.70 m 3000 kgPDFRequest
RX60-35 L STILL 5.54 m 3320 kgPDFRequest
RX60-30 STILL 5.54 m 2700 kgPDFRequest
Reach truck ETV 214 Jungheinrich 8.42 m 1400 kgPDFRequest

Advantages forklifts

Forklifts consist of several parts. The key element is the lifting unit consisting of a lifting frame and a fork carriage. A wide variety of additional equipment can also be installed on this machine, thanks to which you can turn a forklift into a truly multi-functional machine.

Depending on the specific machine, you can work with a forklift on flat surfaces and in more difficult terrain (in such case, please choose on of our rough terrain forklifts).

Forklift rentals

mateco offers rentals of Toyota forklifts, which stand out thanks to their quality design, flawless operation, and excellent parameters. The maximum lifting height, load capacity, and the drive unit powering the machine varies between individual models. We offer battery and diesel powered forklifts. The maximum lifting height for our rental machines is up to 4.7 metres, with a load capacity of up to 5 tonnes. 

Interested in renting a forklift or a lift truck but unable to determine which is the right one for you? Get in touch with us and we would be happy to recommend the ideal machine to meet your needs. We even deliver forklifts to your location, to any corner of the Czech Republic. 

Not what you need? For material handling applications, we also offer material lifts and telehandlers. Take a look at what makes these machines so special.

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